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Welcome to the Doctoral Degree Program

The aims of the Doctoral Degree Program are to support the acquisition of a high degree of creative ability and concept, and also the cultivation of graduates capable of occupying key positions in the future based on the development of a broad range of perspectives on the arts.

In light of a rapidly changing society and the diversification of research, graduates who have a broad vision and the capacity for balanced judgment are essential. In the field of art, there is a need for those who can both create and theorize, who can grasp the “depth” of subdivided individual fields of study, while also possessing the “breadth” of understanding to comprehend.

In this university’s Graduate School (Master’s Degree Program) specializations are divided into five areas: Painting; Sculpture; Ceramic, Glass and Metal Works; Design; and Art Studies. However, all fields are synthesized into one Department of Art in the Doctoral Degree Program. This is in response to the move away from traditional disciplines within the arts towards a transcending of such discipline-specific divisions.

In the Doctoral Degree Program, we are working towards the integration of practice-based and theoretical research in the arts. Practice-based research centers on the creation of works and the processes involved; wheres, theoretical research entails investigation of art theory and history. Through the combination of both of those areas it is possible to transition to a higher level, achieved through the acquisition of skills involving creation, knowledge, contemplation, discussion, and writing.

In order to support the development of works of high quality and content worthy of a doctoral degree, primary and secondary supervisors are decided according to the research theme of the student. Furthermore, the practical instructor and doctoral faculty work together to provide guidance. The integrated instruction of all members of the Doctoral Degree Program faculty integrates both practice-based and theory-based perspectives.

Regular research presentations and critiques are attended by all doctoral degree faculty and students from varied fields and cultural spheres. The program aims to cultivate an enriched and stimulating environment to support the development of artists and scholars with broad perspectives and great capacity for insight.