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Enrolled Students

Current Students 2024

3rd Year

Name Research Theme
LU Shanqing …forthcoming…
OKUBO Fumi Synesthesia with Plants(prov.)
CAO Danbin Sentimental dispersal – Exploring Irrational Order in Abstract Art from the Perspective of Zen
ZHANG Hengtao The study on the reconstruction of Toshihiko Izutsu’s Oriental Philosophy
-Towards an ontology to come
DU Pengyuan A study on the expression of humor arising from incongruity resolution from the viewpoint of sense-making theory
-Focusing on Banksy’s works

2nd Year

Name Research Theme
STOCKBURGER Max Ernst Understanding the relation between nature, culture, and technology through means of visual image generation
CHEN Pohsin Extracted from East Asian painting philosophy, the development of Taiwanese image theory expression.
LI Canchen The Broken Chapter of Traces: Mining Discontinuity and Change at the Interface of the Material and the Spiritual
LIU Yuanyuan The Physiognomy in Illustration: A Study of Complex Emotions in Modern People
LIU Juefei Space-time shuttle: The research about science fictional concepts in media art

1st Year

Name Research Theme
SAQFALHAIT Ahmad Playful Resistance/Play for Resistance: Exploring Social Impact through Digital Game Design
ZHOU Qingyi Aesthetics of the bizarre based on the “five important things in life” of modern people
-Combination of painting and three-dimensional art-
ZHANG Zhiying Research on the Role and Impact of Graphic Expression in Addressing Social Issues
ZHENG Jiaojiao Visual Design Research on the Creation Myth of the Miao Ethnic Group in Guizhou Province
LAN Ting Expression through Alienation: Dissolving the Social Gestures of Things