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Enrolled Students

Current Students 2021

3rd Year

Name Research Theme
PANG Mengya A study of the regularity and irregularity of figures in woodcuts—how to express their prosody and poetics
YAMAGATA Shunsuke Physical conduct of Modern and Contemporary art, seen from the perspectives of folklore related to ceremonies
BUJAK Piotr Social-Easts: Zen and Subversion
HARNIK Yael Katazome:The production of Images and the Inquiry of Repetition, Variation, and Difference
Ni Li Painting expression in contemporary media pictures
YANG Yang A Study of the Relationship Between Design and Technique of Pop-Up Book
YANG Qinhua Unmanned Theatre — A Research on Avant-Garde Dramaturgy with Digital Media Language
OKUI Midori Consideration of Performance Art Work Expressed by Art Work Merged with Works of Other Genres
KOHORI Mayuko Shadow and Shading in Japanese Paintings

2nd Year

Name Research Theme
WANG Qin A study on spirituality in the visual representation of the light
PANG Haoyu A Study of the Relationship Between Handwriting and Typeface
LOU Xiaoning A Study on Illustration of the Tokyo Girl Lifestyle
LU Shanqing forthcoming
CHANG Chingwen The Expression of Social Subjects in Paintings: Focusing on Japanese Paintings of the Taisho and Showa Eras
KUWAMA Yuri Touching paintings

1st Year

Name Research Theme
BETJEMAN Timothy Visual Schemata: using linguistic models as a means of analysing aesthetic structure, and generating ideas for new expressions in painting.
Su Chuxuan Research on the Techniques and Possibilities of Translating Poems into Architecture
HU Qi Reconstruction of Postmodernism in Painting: Emotional expression beyond the visual, with a focus on Robert Motherwell’s work
CABRERA Yonlay forthcoming
LEE Hyelim Time and Body: The Archives of ‘Now, Here’