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Enrolled Students

Current Students 2022

3rd Year

Name Research Theme
KUWAMA Yuri The pursuit of the possibilities of painting -tactile expression-
KOHORI Mayuko Shadow and Shading in Japanese Paintings
CHANG Chingwen The Expression of Social Subjects in Paintings: Focusing on Japanese Paintings of the Taisho and Showa Eras
PANG Haoyu A Study of the Relationship Between Handwriting and Typeface
LU Shanqing …forthcoming…
LOU Xiaoning A study on illustration of the Tokyo girl lifestyle
WANG Qin Research on provocative graphic expression that appeals to somatosensory perception

2nd Year

Name Research Theme
LEE Hyelim Time and Body: The Archives of ‘Now, Here’
CABRERA Yonlay IRT (Inventing by Restructural Triangulation): a methodological framework for conceptualizing Speculative Inventions.
HU Qi Reconstruction of Postmodernism in Painting: Emotional expression beyond the visual, with a focus on Robert Motherwell’s work
SU Chuxuan Research on the Techniques and Possibilities of Translating Poems into Architecture
BETJEMAN Timothy Visual Schemata: using linguistic models as a means of analysing aesthetic structure, and generating ideas for new expressions in painting.

1st Year

Name Research Theme
OKUBO Fumi Pareidolia and Copperplate Prints: Phantom Imagery in Plants
CAO Danbin Sentimental dispersal – Exploring Irrational Order in Abstract Art from the Perspective of Zen.
ZHANG Hengtao …forthcoming…
DU Pengtuan Outsider and outside art