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Enrolled Students

Current Students 2023

3rd Year

Name Research Theme
PANG Haoyu Calligraphy and Type Design
LU Shanqing …forthcoming…
LEE Hyelim Expression Research of Paper Artworks from the Perspective of Modernology ~Regarding the Create Artworks and Research as an Extension of Everyday Life
CABRERA Yonlay IRT (Inventing by Restructural Triangulation): a methodological framework for conceptualizing Speculative Inventions.
HU Qi Reconstruction of Postmodernism in Painting: Emotional expression beyond the visual, with a focus on Robert Motherwell’s work
SU Chuxuan Consider from the perspective of structuralist linguistics Research on Possibilities and Methods of Poetry on Architectural Design Techniques
BETJEMAN Timothy Visual Schemata: using linguistic models as a means of analysing aesthetic structure, and generating ideas for new expressions in painting

2nd Year

Name Research Theme
OKUBO Fumi Pareidolia and Copperplate Prints: Phantom Imagery in Plants
CAO Danbin Sentimental dispersal – Exploring Irrational Order in Abstract Art from the Perspective of Zen
ZHANG Hengtao …forthcoming…
DU Pengtuan Outsider and outside art

1st Year

Name Research Theme
STOCKBURGER Max Ernst Understanding the relation between nature, culture, and technology through means of visual image generation
CHEN Pohsin What can my paintings do against the threat of war?
LI Canchen Mystical Immersion and Mystical Expression: Exploring Mysticism in the Post-Postmodern Era
LIU Yuanyuan The Physiognomy in Illustration: A Study of Complex Emotions in Modern People
LIU Juefei Space-time shuttle: The research about science fictional concepts in media art