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For all of you knocking on the gate of graduate school Master’s Degree Course

There are probably people pounding on the door of this university’s Master’s Degree Course while shouting that “I couldn’t find a job!” or “I’d like to paint more!”

However, the doctoral course was not originally meant for that sort of student. So, what does this all mean? It means that at academic divisions we cultivate artists and theoreticians who can think in broad terms about visual arts and society while further refining their knowledge and skills.

It’s often heard that “The creative process requires a passionate spirit”. A passionate soul is probably a strong creative motivator for artistic activities, and it may be impossible for some to repress their desires to paint or create.

However, it can be difficult to have things turn out as you wish for them to. Your passionate spirit could be let down in a defeat in a contest, you may end up in an ordinary job, and various other conditions could have a chilling effect on one’s will. So how should that passion be preserved?

One method is to always be aware of the issues involved. This is “Issue Awareness”. Though they are a bit difficult matters to consider, no matter who they are, people involved with the visual arts are always contemplating things like “Why am I so moved when I look at this work of art?” or “I love blue, but how did the painters of yore use blue effectively?” However, these sorts of problems usually remain as they are unanswered, and are eventually forgotten.

Therefore we are proactively tackling these problems, and wonder how things would go if we responded to them in our own distinct way. While going back and forth with these questions and answers, we expect to maintain our stance when it comes to the visual arts. If we do so, even amid today’s bewilderingly ever-changing society, without a doubt we will maintain our passionate spirit that loves the visual arts. If we are able to view our own feelings in an objective manner, we will lose sight of nothing, we think that we may be able to make progress in fomenting the proactive appreciation of visual arts and techniques by society.

Our university’s Master’s Degree Course supports everyone who feels this way. Let’s boldly grapple with the deep questions of why we create things and what the meaning of design is. In order to have our perspective expand and enable us to have a good feeling about our self-confidence in pursuing even more specialized inquiries, we are opening up the path to advancement to the Doctoral Degree Course.