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Tadahiko Emura

Assistant Professor

Born in Okayama, Japan.
Graduated from the Doctoral Degree Program of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba, in 2012 (PhD, Art and Design).
Emura specializes in sculpture using traditional Kanshitsu techniques by Urushi lacquer, with a focus on the theory and modern history of sculpture from the creator’s perspective. He is a member of Shinseisaku association.
Exhibitions and awards include all editions of the Shisesaisaku Art Exhibition (2009 to present), Shisesaisaku Art Exhibition New Artist Award (2013 and 2014); Exhibition―spirit of Asian artist in Incheon, Korea, 2014; the 50th Showa-kai Award in Tokyo, 2015 (Showa-kai Sculpture Award);—A Possibility of Sculptural Expression through Kanshitsu—Tadahiko Emura Solo Exhibition in Tokyo, 2015; the 11th Okayama Prefectural Mr. I Development of Rising Artist Award in Okayama (second place Incentive Award), 2018; Current Expression of Urushi in Tokyo, 2018; Taiwan × Japan Exhibition through Urushi in Kanagawa, 2019-2021; Oyama Homon Art Festival “Residence with Changes” —Each Horizon—, Shizuoka, 2020; Japan × Taiwan Contemporary Exchange Exhibition of Lacquerware —the beautiful warmth— 2021, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Suzanne Mooney

Assistant Professor

Born in Dublin, Ireland.
Mooney graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland, in 2005, before working professionally as a visual artist. She later moved to Japan and received her Ph.D. from Tama Art University in 2014. Active in Europe and Asia, Mooney’s arts practice and research examine how representations of landscape in visual arts can reflect the lived-space of our contemporary culture, exploring issues of globalization, urbanization and the effects of technological developments in society.
Major solo exhibitions include “Out of Time and Place”, The Container gallery, Naka-meguro, Tokyo, 2020; “Experiences of Place—Thinking Landscapes exhibition series” Satohshi Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, and Talbot Gallery, Dublin, 2012; and “Something Physical”, The National Art Studio, Changdong, Seoul, Korea, 2007. Group exhibitions include “Koganecho Bazaar Making Side by Side”, Yokohama, Japan, 2021; Fresh Winds Biennale (#5), Gardur, Iceland 2019-2020; “Rituals”, Akibatamabi, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, 2016; “Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition”, York St. Mary’s, York, England, 2015; and “Propose 7 -vol. 2”, The Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea. Awards include “Aesthetica Art Prize” (Student Prize), Aesthetica Magazine, England (2015), and “CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year”, Highly Commended, England (2011).
She is a member of the Association for Cultural Typhoon and a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland. (

Kaori Inuma

Assistant Professor

Born in Kanagawa, Japan.
Inuma graduated from the Doctoral Degree Program of the Graduate School for Language and Society, Hitotsubashi University, in 2021 (PhD).
Her research interest is in the various narratives regarding British Spiritualism and fairy beliefs around nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Analyzing them, she aims to theorize “Fairy Ontology,” the unique mode of being of the supernatural.
For more information on her career and research activities, see researchmap (

Hyunchae Cheong

Assistant Professor

Born in Seoul, Korea. Hyunchae graduated from the Doctoral Degree Program of the Graduate School of Art and Design, Tama Art University, in 2019 (PhD).
She is a designer & creative director, and her talents cross-over art, design, concepts and styles with consistency of smart thinking always at the heart of her work. She has worked as a designer at Kenma. Inc and then as a creative director at Samsung Electronics Japan.
Her current research is focused on “Design Potential in the Age of Shared Value (New Paradigm of Social Design).”
For more information on her career and research activities, see her website (