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Doctoral Degree Program 20-Year Anniversary Event

Tama Art University Graduate Program



In Pursuit of the Ideal Art Education

Prof. Matsuura
Hiroaki Matsuura
Dean of the Graduate School of Art and Design

When talking about a doctoral course at an art university, people tend to assume that the majority of the weight is placed on specialized practice of art, such as painting, sculpture, design, or crafts, and that the thesis is nothing more than some notes on the creation process. However, at our school one cannot receive a doctoral degree without a substantial dissertation that presents findings from proper, logical research findings, in addition to practical work at an advanced level. This is why in addition to being supervised by the instructors in the practice of art, students have primary and secondary supervisors who offer regular dissertation advice. Approximately four times a year, each student must present their practical works and an interim report on their research, during which time multiple instructors from various fields provide strict but nurturing critique.
I joined the faculty providing instruction for the Doctoral Degree Program about two years ago, and I was immediately astonished by the sheer passion of the supervising professors and associate professors involved. This was, of course, true of the full-time instructors in practical art, but every last faculty member involved in dissertations also spared no effort in sharing their knowledge and experience with the students, and the students took their guidance very seriously. This splendid relationship between the faculty and students, fostered by President Akira Tatehata and previous graduate school dean Kunio Motoe when the Doctoral Degree Program was established, is a prideworthy tradition that has been passed down to this day. To put it another way, over these twenty years the program has sought to demonstrate how important theoretical research is for artists when creating art. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our graduates thrive as outstanding artists and university instructors throughout the world. The entire staff will endeavor as a whole with the goal of formulating an even more effective art education system.

Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Exhibition

Design: Qin Wang

■ Dates: November 23 (Tue.)-December 9 (Thu.) 2021
Open: 10:00 to 16:00
Closed: Sundays    Free Admission

■ Location: Tama Art University, Hachioji Campus
Art-Théque Building 2nd Floor Gallery (22-201, 22-202)
Art-Théque Building 3rd Floor Studio (22-308, 22-309)

■ Events during the exhibition
D2 Fall Semester Practical Exercises November 24 (Wed.)
D1 Fall Semester Practical Exercises December 8 (Wed.)

Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Symposium

Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Symposium Poster

Design: Qin Wang

Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Symposium: Session 1

Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Symposium: Session 2

■ Date/Time: November 23 (Tue.) 2021 14:00-16:30

First Session:The Beginning of Tama Art University Doctoral Program
Speakers: Akira Tatehata (Tama Art University President) / U-Fan Lee (Professor Emeritus, Tama Art University)

Second Session:The Significance of Graduate Study in Art Universities
Faculty of Doctoral Degree Course / Guest Speakers

■ Location: Tama Art University Lecture Hall A

■ Application: Reservation Required [Reservation Closed]
*Reservation Period 2021/10/20 (Wed.) — 2021/11/17 (Wed.) 23:59
*Depending on changes in the COVID-19 situation, adjustments may be made to the program of the Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary events. For the details, please refer to the Tama Art University this website.

■ Organizer: Tama Art University Graduate School Research Office

■ Contact:
Tama Art University Graduate School Research Office
2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo 〒192-0394, JAPAN
TEL:042-679-5667 / FAX:042-679-5690

■ Access:
From Hashimoto Station, North Exit (JR Yokohama Line, Keio Sagamihara Line), approx. 8 minutes by bus (Kanachu Bus for Tama Art University)
Alternatively, take the Keio bus from the South Exit of JR Hachioji Station, approx. 20 minutes.


Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary Publication
“20 Years: The Past, Present and Future of the Doctoral Degree Program”

Download 20-year Anniversary Publication PDF


  • The 20-year Anniversary of the Doctoral Program
  • In Pursuit of an Ideal Art Education
  • Panel Discussion: Faculty of the Doctoral Degree Program
  • Current Graduates
  • The Doctoral Degree program Graduation Exhibition Poster Archive
  • The Doctoral Degree Program Graduation Exhibition
  • Chronology
  • All Awardees of the PhD (Art)
  • Introducing the Tama Art University Doctoral Degree Program
  • EWS (Experimental Workshop)
  • Credits

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Published on November 23, 2021